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I am a graduate from the University of Kansas With a BFA in Design. I Have been blessed over the past 12 years to make living doing what Iove to do and that is creating one of a kind acrylic and oil paintings on canvas. Becasue I am able to reach into your soul and bring happiness with my brilliant colors and images I have sold paintings at some of the most prestegouse arts shows in the country. I believe each painting has a soul and when the right human sould sees it in person they connect spititually through God and that a relationship of love is created when they purchase it. 


My goal is to make as many people feel hapiness and love that I can and touch the lives of the human souls that connect with the sould of my painting. I am a colorist and believe images do not have be photographic instead they should be dreamy expressionistic respresntations of subject matter that makes the viewer connect through something deeper and more godly then a photograph of a flower or tree it strikes an emaotion within.

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